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Disparate Impact Study: Adverse Impact

The TTI Success Insights 2021 disparate impact study examined behaviors, motivators, Hartman, DNA 23, DNA 25, and Emotional Quotient assessments to determine whether our assessments create any possibility of contributing significant differences with regard to relevant protected classes during an employment or hiring process. This USA only study found that significant contributions related to the tools themselves are unlikely to be introduced.

Reliability & Technical Reports

Reliability studies detail evidence of internal consistency as a key component of an assessment’s reliability. The more comprehensive technical reports describe the process, progress, and current results of our scientific examination for each of our assessment sciences. It is important to note that the technical reports, in particular, are written specifically for a scientific audience.

Peer Reviewed Papers

Each Peer Reviewed article has been screened by a board of subject matter experts who verify the quality of research and the adherence to the journals editorial standards before a manuscript can be published. Such papers represent the “gold standard” of publishing.

White Papers

A white paper is an authoritative report that informs readers concisely about a complex issue, such as elements of our assessments. These white papers are reviewed and published internally, but in many cases, the content is equal to or better than many peer-reviewed articles.

Case Studies

Case studies play an important role in documenting single events and related outcomes. The case study should include sufficient detail that others could replicate the design in their own setting to examine similar questions. When administered with this level of detail, the reader is provided not only with all of the crucial elements, but a clear image of the resulting outcomes.